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Theater (Representative from over 75
Professional Productions)

KNEAD, dir. David DeVries  |   Self   |   Alliance Theatre

WIT, dir. Tlaloc Rivas   |   Vivian Bearing   |   Aurora Theatre

ELLIOT: A SOLDIER’S FUGUE, dir. Kent Gash   |   Ginny Cruz   |   Alliance Theatre Company

CROSSING DELANCEY, dir. Leora Morris   |   Bubbie   |   Alliance Theatre Company

THE GLASS MENAGERIE, dir. Richard Garner   |   Amanda Wingfield   |   GA Shakespeare Festival

DOWNSTAIRS, dir. Donya Washington   |   Irene   |   Actor’s Express

SIX DEGREES OF SEPARATION, dir. Freddie Ashley   |   Ouisa Kittredge   |   Actor’s Express​

OUR TOWN, dir. David Crowe   |   Stage Manager   |   Theatrical Outfit

4,000 MILES, dir. Alexander Greenfield   |   Vera Joseph   |   Aurora Theatre

DIVDING THE ESTATE, dir. Tom Key   |   Stella Gordon   |   Theatrical Outfit

THE LARAMIE PROJECT, dir. Clifton Guterman   |   Marge Murray and company   |   Theatrical Outfit

THIRD, dir. Lisa Adler   |   Laurie Jameson   |   Horizon Theatre

THE LITTLE FOXES, dir. Fred Chappell   |   Birdie Hubbard   |   Theater in the Square

THE NIGHT OF THE IGUANA, dir. Jim Peck   |   Hannah Jelkes   |   Theater in the Square

REVOLT. SHE SAID. REVOLT AGAIN., dir. Rachel Parish   |   Woman   |   Seven Stages Theatre

BETRAYAL, dir. Jim Peck   |   Emma   |   Pushpush Theatre

YOU CAN’T TAKE IT WITH YOU, dir. John Ammerman   |   Penny Sycamore   |   Theater Emory

MEDEA, dir. Kenny Leon   |   Chorus   |   Alliance Theatre Company

KIMBERLY AKIMBO, dir. Jasson Mindadakis   |   Kimberly Levaco   |   Actor’s Express

THE TATISCHEFF CAFE, dir. Clint Thornton   |   Madame Schuss   |   Theater Emory

SHE STOOPS TO CONQUER, dir. Michael Evenden   |   Mrs. Hardcastle   |   Theater Emory

THE LAST NIGHT OF BALLYHOO, dir. Robert Farley   |   Boo Levy   |   GA Ensemble Theatre

THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE, dir. Richard Garner   |   Mary L.   |   Theater Emory

D. JUAN COMES BACK FROM THE WAR, dir. J. Akers   |   Mother   |   Theater Emory

THE CLEAN HOUSE, dir. Lisa Adler   |   Ana   |   Horizon Theatre

LA VIDA ES SUEÑO, dir.  Anthony Rodriguez   |   Clarin   |   Aurora Theatre

BLOOD WEDDING, dir. Gerry Mulgrew   |   Wife   |   Clarence Brown Theatre

FLAMING GUNS OF PURPLE SAGE, dir. Heidi McKerley   |   Big Eight   |   Horizon Theatre

MOON OVER BUFFALO, dir. Frank Miller   |   Charolotte Hay   |   Theater in the Square

THE LIVING, dir. Robert Farley   |   Sarah Chandler   |   GA Ensemble Theatre

Film & 

TRAILER (TRASH) MAGIC   |   Lead - Araminta (Minty)   |   Cafecito Productions

WALTER FRISK, LET’S GO   |   Principal - Mrs. Smith   |   Debonair Films

ONE MISSED CALL   |   Principal – Dr. Julie Cohn   |   Warner Brothers

THE BREAD SQUEEZER   |   Lead – Gertrude Crabbe   |   Tal-Kasia Productions

PEACE AT HOME   |   Lead – Ruth   |   FSU Thesis Film Production

RISING SON   |   Principal – Barbara   |   TNT

DESPERATE FOR LOVE   |   Principal – Carla   |   Lorimar for CBS

THE CRAZIES  |   Featured – Distraught Woman   |   Overture Films

TV/Radio Commercial

Client list available.

Special Skills

Improvisation; Sing All Styles – alto to lyric soprano range;  Sight Read; Piano Study 8 years; Intermediate Fluency Spanish; Character Voices; Dialects. Faculty, Emory University Theatre Studies


2018  Suzi Award Nominee, Outstanding Actress in a Leading Role, Knead

2017  Suzi Award Nominee, Outstanding Actress in a Leading Role, Crossing Delancey

2016  Suzi Award, Outstanding Actress in a Leading Role, Wit

2015  Recipient, Reiser Lab Grant for New Work, The Alliance Theatre

2014  Convening Participant, Latino/a National Theater Festival – Encuentro – Los Angeles, CA

2014  Suzi Award Nominee, Outstanding Actress in a Leading Role, Six Degrees of Separation

2012  Suzi Award Nominee, Outstanding Actress in a Leading Role, The Glass Menagerie

2012  Atlanta Theater Fans, Best Actress in a Leading Role, The Glass Menagerie

2011  Suzi Award, Outstanding Actress in a Supporting Role, The Little Foxes

2008  Lunt-Fontanne Fellowship Nominee, The Alliance Theatre

2007  Suzi Award Nominee, Outstanding Actress in a Leading Role, Elliott: A Soldier’s Fugue

2007  Top 10 Atlanta Actresses, The Sunday Paper

1997, 1992  Best Actress in a Leading Role, The Atlanta Journal Constitution

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