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FULL-Length plays & Shorts


​Not long after Father’s death, Mother sends an urgent email to her adult children, summoning them home to collect their things. They arrive to find their childhood home collapsing, strewn end to end with the stuff of their lives, and soon the truth is out in this intergenerational, interracial family: Mother is tossing in the towel and “going West” the very next day. In the twenty-four hours that ensue, Mother will fight to leave, Brother, Sister, and Grandpa will fight to stay, and at the very last moment, they will each fight to set the course for the future of their family. What will they keep? What will they toss? What will they transform into something new?  


Finalist, O'Neill National Playwright's Conference

Unexpected Play Festival, Theatrical Outfit

The Ethel Woolson Lab

Working Title Playwrights Table Series

Threshold New Play Festival, Actor's Express

Lady parts

Nella, a mid-level talent agent, and the middle sister between Carmen and Charlotte, is smack in the middle of a middling life. She spends her days talking women into stereotypical roles, her nights talking her husband into looking up from his phone, and her Friday Night Game Nights - “Fun Fridays” - talking her sisters and in-laws into just playing nice. When a medical diagnosis reveals that she might just be dead inside, who should show up but Eleanor Roosevelt, armed with a plan, and one botched Scrabble Game later, Nella, her sisters right behind her, will cast herself in the role of a lifetime. 


​Unexpected Play Festival, Theatrical Outfit

First Light Series, Working Title Playwrights

Semi-Finalist, O'Neill National Playwrights Conference 


In the wee hours, a woman bakes bread, determined that her mother’s incomprehensible recipe will finally work. But something is different about this night. The ingredients of Time and Memory keep interfering, tumbling out of the cabinets, drawers, refrigerator, and even the oven itself as the bread-baking process, all in cess, all in real-time, becomes a journey into the messy business of baking…and of a family’s love. 


World Premiere, Alliance Theatre, Atlanta, GA  

Reiser Grant for New Work, Alliance Theatre

Gene Gabriel Moore Playwriting Award

Semi-Finalist, O’Neill National Playwrights Conference

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Trailers (Short)


​On the side of a mountain road, a woman waits for something, someone, to trail after.  In the spiral of her mind all things are possible. 


  • 5X7 Monologue Project, Synchronicity Theatre

  • MoJo Theater Festival

Homing (Short)

The children circle back--like bats--and bring their babies with them. A grandmother has something to say about it.



  • 22 Homes Project, Alabama Shakespeare Festival of Southern Writers

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